Our Story

Sofie and Chris met in Seattle in 2008 in a small bbq restaurant, Chris as a chef, and Sofie selling cocktails. Chris courted her by feeding her treats he had created in the kitchen. They went on to work beside each other for 5 years before leaving the service industry for other ventures. Chris' love and passion for food made it difficult to leave the industry but it was time to change things up. He found other outlets to work with his hands i.e. carpentry, bicycle fabrication, custom furniture making, all the while wishing he could own his own business someday doing what he loves, cooking. 

The dream for Sofie's Scoops began in 2013 when Sofie decided to return to college (Evergreen State University) and seek a degree in business. She was on a mission to create a career for herself and Chris that was fulfilling, financially stable, and fun! An old 40s gas station, a mean sweet tooth, and a love of making people smile paired with extensive experience in recipe creating, spurned the idea for ice cream! The opportunity to become part of the 222 Market was due to incredible timing, the encouragement of key community members, and a willingness to take a leap of faith.

The name and aesthetic were inspired by Sofie's Great Grandmother Sofie, who during WWII supported her family while working in an ammunition factory. Great Grandmom Sofie was the first of a long line of hard working women. She paved the way that led to multiple generations of entrepreneurial women.

In 2015 Sofie graduated from Evergreen State College with a business degree, her goal was to finish before she turned 30 and she did it! By the time she graduated she had a business plan in hand and a fire to get started. Chris spent the next year creating recipes from scratch on a small home gelato machine and a shoestring budget. Many batches and many opinions from family and friends later, Chris created our signature base. Today Sofie's Scoops has over 100 recipes under their belt and more to come!