It All Comes Down To The Dairy 

All amazing gelato starts with great milk and we want to brag about ours! 

Tunawerth Dairy is a small family own and run dairy located in Rochester, Wa. with a creamery not too far away in Tenino, Wa. Tunawerth is owned and operated by Anita & Peter Dabohrs as well as their two children. They are originally from the Netherlands and make authentic (Holland) raw milk cheeses, yogurt and low pasteurized whole milk. Cows are fed (GMO free) barley and grass silage during the winter months and pasture graze during warmer months.

It was love at first sip, we knew we had hit the jackpot when there was cream at the top of our gallon! The love affair continued when we learned their farm and dairy were less then 20 miles from Olympia! 

We are proud to say we have a wonderful relationship with our farmers Anita and Peter. They deliver their milk to us fresh twice a week.

Other places you can find Tunawerth products locally: The East and West-side Co-Ops and at the downtown Olympia Farmer's Market.