Our Story

Sofie's Scoops is the culmination of two people's life's works and their love and passion for food, authenticity, community, transparency, sustainability and each other. 

Sofie and Chris met in Seattle in 2008 in a restaurant, Chris in the kitchen, and Sofie selling cocktails. Chris courted her for weeks feeding her treats he had created in the kitchen or roses made from tin foil, eventually getting that date! From then on they worked together for the next 5 years when ultimately Chris left the food service industry, vowing the only way he would ever go back was if he had his own place.

Sofie during this time was always working on something new, searching for her passion and a way to create financial stability. Sofie comes from a long line of strong entrepreneurial women and even had her own business ventures as a child ( i.e. top girl scout cookie seller). Her grandmother was a flea market master, her mom was a professional belly dancer and owned her own retail shops, of which all were not successful. Sofie watched her mother struggle through the retail world and learned that diligence, strong work ethic, and love of what you do ultimately bring the greatest return but doesn't always work out the way you planned. She learned early on that if she was ever going to own her own business she would need to learn from the mistakes of those before her, go to school, and make sure she has a team that share the same dream.

The dream for Sofie's Scoops was inspired by an old dilapitated gas station from the 50s she saw while in college. It reminded her of the stories she would hear growing up, about her grandfather's pizza and ice cream shop where all the kids would hang after school or have dates with their sweeties and share a milkshake. The name and aesthetic was inspired by her Great Grandmother Sofie, who during WWII supported her family while working in the bullet factories. That nostalgia, Sofie and Chris' love for sweets, and some good market research were the beginnings of what is now Sofie's Scoops. 

In 2015 Sofie graduated at Evergreen State College with a business degree, her goal was to finish before she turned 30 and she did it! By the time she graduated she had a business plan in hand and a fire to get started. Chris and Sofie bought a small home gelato/ice cream machine. Chris spent the next year creating recipes from scratch and testing them on family and friends. During that time Sofie returned to the service industry to make ends meet while working on creating connections in the community and sourcing ingredients for Sofie's Scoops. Within six months of graduating Sofie was given the opportunity of a lifetime; a loan, a space and a chance to be part of a new market in downtown Olympia. November 19 2017 Sofie's Scoops opened it's doors!