Small Batch From Scratch

A little about the what, why & how we do what we do.

Pasteurization. What and Why? 

The process of making gelato begins with a base The base legally must be pasteurized before consumption.

It is a time consuming process that is totally worth it but this is where some shops will outsource.

Not us! We make our gelato 100% ‘small batch from scratch’ in house.

What: Pasteurizing is a cooking and cooling process that is regulated by the WSDA (Washington State Department of Agriculture). We low pasteurize our base. Using a low pasteurization method allows our base to maintain its flavor integrity without killing off all the nutritional value and flavor.  

Why: We decided to go the route of pasteurizing on site because we wanted to be able to create our product entirely from scratch. We went a step further and chose a smaller vat pasteurizer so we could have the flexibility to create custom flavors.

Ultimately we are able to maintain a very fresh and constantly changing product made in small batches from scratch! 


It's All In The Puttin' 

Ingredients are everything. No corners are cut when it comes to what we put in our gelato.

  • Local Grass Fed Dairy

  • Organic Cane Sugar, Flour, Spices, etc.

  • Organic Coconut Milk

  • Seasonal & Organic Fruit

  • No Preservatives or Artificial Flavors

We partner with local companies to source quality ingredients and incorporate some of the fine craftspeople in the Olympia area.

 Some of our partners include:

  • Crowsfeet Farmstead

  • Olympia Farmer’s Market

  • Rawk Star Creations

  • Encore Tea & Chocolates

  • Piece by Piece Farm

  • Olympia Food Co-Op

  • and more



Our Girl Cat 

When all is said and done it comes down to the churn. Our gelato machine (Cattabriga Effe) was shipped directly to us from Italy, and she is the only machine of her kind in Washington State. The style of machine we use is the most authentic way to make gelato.

She is our Queen Bee.